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The Bridge Club Bright Minds Award recognizes those elevating veterinary care.

Winner receive: ​

  • Recognition on stage at WVC

  • $1000 Award

  • Bright Minds Award 


Practice Game Changer


Wellness Champion


Industry Influencer

Practice Game Changer

An individual or team focused on making the practice better by addressing the challenges faced daily by developing new workflows, strategies and approaches to ultimately advance veterinary medicine.

Industry Influencer

An individual who uses their medium of choice: social media, articles, public speaking, or media appearances to shine light on the profession, medical advancements within vet med.         


Voting Rules:

  • ​1 vote per person/email will be counted.

  • All spam and false emails will be deleted prior to the final count. 

  • All votes will be audited by a third party.

Vote January 10 - 29
Practice Game Changer
Wellness Champion
UK Industry Influence

Please note: Only one vote will be counted
per email in final vote. 

Thanks for submitting for The Bridge Club 2024 Bright Minds! We will announce the winners on February 20.

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