Bright Minds Voting

Celebrating Innovation in Veterinary Medicine

Voting Closes August 6th

Vote only once per award category. 

Winners notified on August 15th and will receive:

  • $1,000 for travel voucher

  • $500 Cash Award

  • Bright Mind Award

  • Announced live on stage on September 7th at WVC in Las Vegas

An individual who brings solutions
at the veterinary practice level.

One vote per category

Dr. Liz Bales
Ashley Reinman,CVT
Dr. Shelli Wolfe
Dr. Jessica Walters

One vote per category

Kim Roberts, LVT
Serena Pudelski, RVT
Dr. Ken Lambrecht
rob Trimble.png
Dr. Rob Trimble

Someone who is creating new medical solutions to evolve veterinary medicine.

An individual, a company or group who challenges the status quo and is aiding others in doing so.
Multicultural Veterinary
Medical Association
Dr. Chase Michael
The Veterinary Industry
Giving Tree

One vote per category

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