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The Bright Mind Industry Influencer is all about promoting and elevating veterinary medicine. Dr. Christman earned this honor for his approach to sincere and entertaining ways to celebrate all things animals and veterinary on his social channels with almost a million Tik Tok followers, over 62,000 Instagram followers, more than 16,000 Facebook followers and 11,000 YouTube subscribers
The Bridge Club Wellness Champion puts people first with wellness initiatives and care programs. Dr. Bourgeois, otherwise known as The DermVet, is honored for sharing her personal journey and how life’s curveballs can create significant roadblocks that can also have silver linings. 
Dr. Fred Wininger
The Bright Mind Game Changer focuses on making the practice better. This year’s winner is a neurologist from Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE). Dr. Wininger earned this honor in his approach to educating thousands of colleagues on the field of neurology and cross-collaborations including the relationships with behaviorists, internists, general practitioners, veterinary technicians, rehab specialists, ophthalmologists and parasitologists.
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