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The Bridge Club Icon Award recognizes a veterinary professional who has consistently demonstrated leadership, innovation, and a commitment to elevating and advancing veterinary care.

Since 2018, The Bridge Club has honored some of the greatest minds in
Veterinary Medicine. This distinct club defines what a true ICON is!

2024 Winner

This year, The Bridge Club is expanding the industry roles among our ICONs by adding a veterinary technician. We are accepting nominations for a veterinary technician (RVT, LVT and/or CVT) who has created a legacy in veterinary medicine.

ICON Eligibility

The nominee must be employed or work within the veterinary profession.


The nominee must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold an executive leadership position including serving as CEO, Founder, Vice President, etc.  

  • Hold an advanced degree from an accredited veterinary college (i.e.: DVM)

  • Have an accredited credential or have pursued advanced education and training in veterinary medicine or technology from an accredited AVMA program.

ICON Criteria

The nominee serves as a role model for others and demonstrates a high level of ethical and professional behavior throughout their career. 


The nominee effectively promotes veterinary medicine in local communities, at the state or national levels.


The nominee demonstrates transformative and innovative leadership skills by empowering groups and fostering effective change to contribute to the success of veterinary medicine. 

ICON Selection

Our selection process is a two-step process that's both fair and impartial.


The first review is made anonymously, with all names removed to ensure that each candidate's contributions stand out above all else. This step is conducted by previous ICONs who've been there and done that.


The final selection is made by a committee consisting of The Bridge Club, the program sponsors Blue Buffalo and NAVC. Our goal is to ensure the very best in veterinary medicine carry the title of ICON. 

ICON Award

Recognition at Bridge Club ICON event during the 2024 VMX conference.
Monetary donation to charity or scholarship of choice.

2024 ICON

This year, The Bridge Club is accepting nominations for a veterinary technician who has created a legacy in veterinary medicine.  Please nominate a colleague, a mentor or even yourself by using the form.


AUGUST 1, 2023

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