Bright Minds Nominations

Celebrating Innovation in Veterinary Medicine

To honor the best thinkers, innovators and paradigm shifters in veterinary medicine, The Bridge Club is launching Bright Minds, an event celebrating innovation in veterinary medicine during the 2021 WVC Convention.

Nomination Categories:

  • Out of the Box Thinker - an individual who brings solutions at the practice level.

  • Game Changer - someone who is creating new medical solutions to evolve veterinary medicine.

  • Paradigm Shifter - an individual, a company or group who challenges the status quo and is aiding others in doing so.

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How to Nominate


To nominate a colleague or yourself, please email your nomination to by June 30th.


Please include the following in your nomination:

  • Name, position, company, and contact information of the nominee

  • Nomination Category

  • Why the nominee should be considered in 200 words or less.


Winners notified on August 15th

  • Winners will receive:

  • $1,000 for travel voucher

  • $500 Cash Award

  • Bright Mind Award

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