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North Carolina State University/Duke Medical Center

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt

Dr. Breitschwerdt has been studying Bartonella since 1982. He has elevated the role of Veterinary Medicine Researchers in the understanding of zoonotic diseases and his efforts have allowed many pet owners and veterinary professionals suffering from disabling symptoms to seek appropriate treatment.


Veterinary Cancer Specialist, Book Author and Vlogger

Dr. Sue Ettinger

Dr. Sue, or as she is known Dr. Sue the Cancer vet, has focused her career on early cancer detection, raising cancer awareness, and helping pets with cancer live longer & live well. She has dedicated her life to helping the profession advance and treat cancer patients. 


Stanford University

Stephen Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, CVPP, VTS-LAM

Stephen Cital is a multi-credentialed veterinary technician specialist, speaker and author. He believes strongly in promoting diversity and veterinary technician elevation within the industry. He is one of the strongest proponents for education on CBD among professionals and pet owners. 



Veterinary Virtual Care Association

Launched during the pandemic, the VVCA's mission is to make virtual care part of the standard of care in veterinary medicine by advocating best practices, providing educational resources, and creating a space for a wide alliance of professionals to congregate.

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