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Obi Veterinary Education

Dr. Ryan Appleby

Dr. Appleby saw a need for a better approach to continuing education in veterinary medicine and created Obi Veterinary education. It is a community based platform that uses game based elements and microlearning to deliver RACE-approved continuing education.

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ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves

Dr. Laura Catena

After suffering a devastating injury while working emergency medicine, Dr. Catena developed ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves.These gloves are reinforced to protect veterinary professionals from bites and scratches, and allow flexibility in dexterity, making them a great tool for low-stress handling and Fear Free techniques. 

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Whole Veterinarian Podcast

Dr. Stacey Cordivano

Dr. Stacey Cordivano is the host/creator of the Whole Veterinarian podcast, highlighting ways veterinary professionals can shift their perspectives and seek a sustainable, whole existence instead of feeling burned out.  Dr. Cordivano is a founder of the Sustainability in Equine Practice Retreat to address the high attrition rate of equine practitioners 



Brandon Werber

Brandon Werber is an an entrepreneur who relentlessly conceives and evaluates the “next step” in things. He lives by the philosophy that we should never settle for laissez-faire – things can always be better, stronger, more efficient, more effective, and more fun. He is currently transforming virtual care with AirVet.

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Dr. Laura Best

Dr. Colleen Best designed and delivered a curriculum for veterinary students to arm them with the resiliency tools they need to succeed as professionals.  She has conducted ground breaking research on mental health and resilience in veterinary medicine and communications

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Klip Trio

Alexandre Contreras

Alexandre Contreras recognized the need for a safer and more convenient method of applying styptic powder to an injured nail.He invented the 3-in-1 KlipTrio containing a nail file, ability to snap in a cartridge of styptic powder, allowing for a safer and more sanitar way of trimming a pet’s nails.

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Practice Western U Pet Health Center

Leslie Tortez, RVT

Leslie Tortez is an instructor in the Surgery/Anesthesia course for Western University College of Veterinary Medicine. She demonstrates her devotion to the profession through her passion and creativity in teaching students to prepare patients for surgery and anesthetic procedures.

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